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Nature Has a Thousand Things

Streaming sun

An excerpt from The Curate of Glaston by George MacDonald (I love this book!):

As he walked and thought, a fresh wave of doubts washed over him. ‘The ideas of religion are so grand,’ he said to himself, “and the things all around it in life so ordinary. They contradict each other from morning to night–in my mind, I mean. Which is the true: a loving, caring Father, or the grinding of cruel poverty? What does nature have in common with the Bible and its metaphysics?

Yet there I am wrong. Nature has a thousand things.The very wind on my face seems to rouse me to fresh effort after a pure, healthy life! Then there is the sunrise! The snowdrop in the snow! There is the butterfly! And the rain of summer and the clearing of the sky after a storm! There is the hen gathering her chicks under her wing!

I begin to doubt whether anything is in fact ordinary except in our own mistrusting nature.’


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